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The New Hampshire Advantage - Part One

Out of all the places to live in the United States, New Hampshire is known for being one of the best. Actually, it’s known for being one of the top 3 best states to live, year after year. Because of this, it is a highly sought out place to settle down.

But, why is it? What about New Hampshire makes it so unique and desirable? Is it because of the fresh maple syrup that family farms sell all over the state? Or the gorgeous natural lakes and 4,000 foot mountains to climb? Our beautiful 18-mile shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean? 

Well, it's for all of those reasons, and a lot more! In this 3-part series, we will explore why New Hampshire was rated the #2 best state to live in according to the US News in 2019, and why it is loved by so many!

For part one, we will start out with an introduction to all things New Hampshire!

For those of you who are not from the region, New Hampshire is a small state (population 1,342,795 (US News)) situated between Maine and separated from Vermont by the Connecticut River. Canada is right above it and Massachusetts is right below it. The capital of New Hampshire is Concord, located in the southern part of the state and is the central hub for Granite State culture, consisting of art galleries, beautiful historical buildings, nature trails along the rivers, breweries, and much more!

New Hampshire was originally inhabited by several powerful Native American tribes, such as the Abenaki. Over time, war, diseases such a small pox and influenza, migration, and the presence of English settlers decreased the Native American populations within the state, however many lakes, mountains, rivers, and towns reflect the names of aspects of the state's Native American heritage, such as Lake Winnipesaukee, The Kancamagus Highway, Laconia, Contoocook River, Mount Passaconaway, Nashua, and Mount Chocorua, which is one of the most photographed mountains in the world.

New Hampshire experiences all 4 seasons in unique ways, including spectacular fall foliage, magical winter snowfalls, mild springs filled with blooming flowers, and hot hot summers filled with lots of lake activities and blue skies!

Although the state is only 9,349 square miles in size, it contains 944 lakes, hundreds of mountains, including 48 4,000 footers, as well as hundreds of rivers stemming from 5 major drainage systems. New Hampshire is the perfect place to enjoy a large variety of outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, biking, motorcycling, horseback riding, four-wheeling, fishing, hunting, boating, water skiing, snowmobiling, skiing, etc. New Hampshire is the outdoor enthusiast's kingdom.

On top of its natural beauty, there are also many other perks of living in New Hampshire.

According to the US News “Best State Survey,” it is ranked #5 in education out of 50 states, #16 in healthcare, #1 in the least crime and corrections, and #1 in opportunity. Not only is New Hampshire beautiful, but it is the safest place to live with access to superior education and healthcare, as well as availability of jobs in major industries, such as technology and manufacturing.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that make New Hampshire so great. We will dig into some of those factors in subsequent posts, but just to get you started, here are some fast-facts about New Hampshire to remember:

  • State nicknames: The Granite State, Mother of Rivers, The White Mountain State, and The Switzerland of America
  • State motto: Live Free or Die
  • State bird: Purple Finch
  • State fruit: Pumpkin
  • Most random fact: The country’s first potato was planted in New Hampshire
  • Best random fact: No sales tax!

I hope you all enjoyed learning about New Hampshire! For those of you who love the state like we do, please share with us why you think New Hampshire is the best place to live, and stay tuned as we delve into some aspects of New Hampshire living in more detail!

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  1. David Smeltzer on

    My wife and I moved to New Hampshire in June of 2020 and with the help of Mary-Ann purchased a house from Texas. We choose New Hampshire for nearly every reason Julia mentioned: the 4 seasons, multitude of outdoor activities as well as a low crime rate and excellent school systems. After researching our entire great nation state by state only New Hampshire checked every box for us!
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