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10-Day Countdown to Christmas, Day 8!

Well, this Christmas activity is a no-brainer!

Day 8: Get outside and play in the snow!

As we can all see, New Hampshire got HAMMERED with snow! 20 inches in Moultonborough, 38 inches in Laconia, 30 inches in Wolfeboro, 37 inches in New Hampton. With a snowfall like this, there isn't anything to do other than play in the snow! 

So grab a shovel, get outside, and enjoy playing in the snow with your family! Snow angels, sledding, snow mobiling, skiing, hiking, cross-country skiing, building a snow man, snowball fights! There are so many things to do in the snow! Even if it's just taking a moment to appreciate it, like our dear family friend, Donna Hevern did this morning, overlooking the Center Harbor Bay:

Here's a list of some new ideas for ways to play in the snow, because as we all know, this pandemic has made us get a little creative!

  • Prank the parents by intentionally burying their cars in the snow
  • Have a competition to see which random household items make for the fastest sleds (a yoga mat, piece of cardboard lined with tinfoil??)
  • Instead of building a snowman, try building a word or a phrase out of snow for your neighbors to see
  • Shovel a snow maze
  • Boil maple syrup (or use cold Jagerbomb) and pour it over some snow
  • Backyard Winter Olympics course
  • Try hula hooping with a couple of layers on- it's not as easy as you or your kids may think!

Playing outside in the snow is a free activity that everyone can do! So take advantage of this historical snow fall and have some fun! Share with us how you and yours are enjoying the snow, on social media!


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